Lesson Plans

Science is about ideas. Teaching is about bringing it to life.

Use these free lesson plans to turn your classroom into a lab and let the magic of “doing” begin! Engage your students with topics relevant to their life to underscore the power of science that impacts our world, and more.


Cushion It!

Students investigate basic science principles involved in different types of collisions, from a bat hitting a baseball to a car crash.
girl smiling in green car

Drive It Green

Students imagine and design greener transportation solutions for their families.
sun and earth

It's Getting Hot in Here

Students investigate the absorption and reflection of solar energy by the top surface of a simple model house by collecting and analyzing actual temperature data.
noise canceling headphones

It's Too Loud!

Students examine the effect of ear protectors on sound level reduction.
bathroom sink with water running

Make It All Better

Students identify innovations at their school that have been created to help people or solve specific problems.
sunlight reflecting off water

Right Back at You!

Students make a rudimentary light reflectivity tester to help them determine the relative reflectivity of various materials around the classroom.

The Everyday Science of Sports

Students explore the physics of aerodynamics by evaluating competing golf ball designs.
X-ray of head showing brain

The Everyday Science of Your Brain

Students learn which parts of their brain help them learn and remember.