Tesha Alston Dampier

3M Senior Quality Engineer, Biopharmaceutical Purification Business
Separation and Purification Sciences Division

Through effective problem solving and opportunity-mining, Tesha Alston Dampier has excelled in various roles—from biochemistry to engineering—over the past 14 years at 3M.

Meet Tesha Alston Dampier. As a senior quality engineer at 3M, Tesha is responsible for providing quality assurance, quality systems, and regulatory support for current and new product initiatives. Her current project focuses on the development of filtration systems designed to simplify biopharmaceutical manufacturing.

Fascinated with the body and how blood clotted, Tesha has been interested in biology and science for as long as she can remember. Growing up, she was fortunate to have been exposed to programs designed to inspire and equip youth to pursue a future in science, engineering, and mathematics which allowed her to nurture her deep love and curiosity for science and math studies at a young age.

Tesha’s passion for science and the importance of STEM careers in solving everyday problems is further demonstrated by her volunteer efforts to promote science education and diversity in STEM careers within her community.

Tesha graduated from St. Cloud State University with a Bachelor of Science in biomedical science and received her master’s degree in biological sciences and public health from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities.