Ian Cummings

3M Advanced Systems Engineer
Corporate Research Systems Lab

A natural problem solver and leader, Ian develops technology with applications in today’s electronics and emerging technology for the future.

Meet Ian Cummings. As an advanced systems engineer in the Corporate Research Systems Lab at 3M, Ian builds systems that design and improve new components for applications such as high-power wireless power transfer and 5G wireless communication using automated design techniques that incorporate AI, data science, physics, and mathematics.

In addition to being in the lab, Ian is a competitive arcade gamer and enjoys reading science non-fiction, watching anime and sci-fi, and coding. Ian volunteers annually as a judge at the Minnesota Regional Science and Engineering Fair. He also visits high school classes with 3M TECHTalks to share his love for physics, math, and computer science with prospective future scientists.

Ian graduated with a B.S. in physics from Augsburg University. His most recent achievements include the 2021 Circle of Technical Excellence & Innovation Division Team Award.