Sam Reiss

3M Risk Management Engineer
Corporate R&D, SEMS Lab
“Safety first” is the motto for Sam Reiss. As a 3M risk management engineer, he makes sure the company’s products that are designed to protect and prevent injury perform perfectly.

Meet Sam Reiss. He works with product development teams in the 3M Software, Electronic, and Mechanical Systems (SEMS) laboratory to make safe products even safer. From hearing protection and safety eyewear used in the construction industry, to products that improve traffic safety and mobility for motorists, Reiss always searches for new and better ways to protect the people who use them.

Trained in nuclear engineering, Sam pursues interests in that area through 3M’s 15% program, which enables employees to spend up to 15% of their time on projects they feel have value. Specifically, he is working on a team that is developing technology that will be used on a new type of nuclear reactor. In his free time, he gives back to his company and community by serving as chair of the United Way campaign for SEMS and by leading a committee in 3M’s New Employee Opportunity Network.

Sam is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin, Madison, earning bachelor of science and master of science degrees in nuclear engineering and engineering physics. While in college, he worked in plasma fusion research as part of the university’s Pegasus Toroidal Experiment.