Kandyce Bohannon

3M Software Architect
Personal Safety Division
Wearables and analytics are Kandyce Bohannon’s passion. As a 3M software architect, Kandyce analyzes human behavior to drive digital transformations that will keep workers safe around the world.

Meet Kandyce Bohannon. Connected cars, connected refrigerators, connected infrastructure. Today many industries are focusing on the “Internet of Things” or put more simply - how technology connects different devices so they can make our lives easier. At 3M, Kandyce develops personal safety products and gives them a “digital facelift.” Her favorite types of projects involve new technologies like augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), like head-mounted displays that allow us to view the world in a different way.

At 3M, Kandyce has worked in several divisions including personal safety, infection and prevention, and electronics and energy. Through each stage in her career, Kandyce has combined her skills in biology, computer science and research to develop products that improve lives. This, she says, feeds her fascination for technology and analytics and helps her gain a greater understanding of human behavior.

Kandyce graduated from Midwestern State University with a double major in math and computer science. In her spare time, Kandyce serves as a board member of 3M’s prestigious Tech Forum – a place where ideas and new innovations are shared with the company. She also mentors students at Texas State University’s Honors Summer Math Camp to encourage them to pursue careers in STEM.