Dr. Alireza Asgari

3M Technical Supervisor, Predictive Engineering Group
Corporate R&D, SEMS Lab
Dr. Asgari brings the discipline of advanced mathematics to the business of creating innovative materials.

Meet Dr. Asgari. Making big discoveries based on unimaginably small materials is part of his role at 3M. As a technical supervisor of the Predictive Engineering Group in Computational Science Cluster at the 3M SEMS (Software, Electronics and Mechanical Systems) Lab, he works with a team of researchers who bring the discipline of mathematics to the business of creating innovative materials.


Dr. Asgari and his team are currently working on developing predictive technology that deals with the very small scales to produce big effects, and touches on a variety of sciences such as physics, chemistry, mechanical engineering and materials science.


An example of the type of work they do to help 3M improve daily life for people all over is predicting properties of products that contain nanoparticles. (A nanoparticle is 10,000 times smaller than the size of a human hair.)

Dr. Asgari joined 3M in 2013 after five years on faculty at Deakin University in Australia, where he earned his doctorate in Engineering in 2009.