Alvin Boese

Discovery: Nonwoven fibers (decorative ribbon, cleaning pads, filters, insulated apparel)
Early Pioneer of Everyday Science

In the world of innovation, ideas have no limit, and science provides the platform for launch. More than 6,000 other scientists come to work every day at 3M to help develop new solutions to problems around the world.

Fascinated by nonwoven technology and its potential applications, Al Boese experimented in the 3M lab for years until he developed Sasheen decorative ribbon, a huge hit when it was launched in 1950. A few years later, 3M "married" nonwovens to abrasives to produce Scotch-Brite® scrubbing and polishing pads. Later innovations stemming from Boese's initial exploration of nonwoven technology led to oil sorbents, Thinsulate™ thermal insulation for apparel, industrial respirators, and filters for residential and commercial buildings.