Raghav Ganesh - Narrowing It Down


Welcome back!

These past few weeks have been so exciting and busy! :) I look forward to continuing to grow as I make progress in my scientific journey.

My mentor, Dr. Thunhorst, has immense amounts of experience analyzing and solving real world problems of all kinds; I’ve never met anyone who has such a wide spectrum of knowledge and who is an expert in so many areas!

Through our weekly meetings, I have learned about and practiced the thought process of a scientist. Most importantly, I understand the creativity that is necessary to approach and solve an issue from multiple perspectives. I now carefully notice and appreciate the common scientific phenomenon underlying many of the devices I take for granted each day. I really appreciate how the same underlying scientific principle can be applied in different and unique ways.

Also, I’ve finalized the world problem that I aspire to tackle and work on improving! Narrowing down my list was much more difficult than I had anticipated, as each problem has much scope for scientific advancement and improvement. The issue that I’m tackling is unfortunately on the rise, and it afflicts people all over the world. The inspiration that I gain from those who are impacted by this issue motivates me to focus in on this particular topic.
I eagerly look forward to continue learning and working on my project!

Until next time,