Conner-The Process

When trying to pick one problem to focus on, I decided that I would make a list of pros and cons in order to make the decision easier. After I had made the list, it was obvious that I had two ideas that I really wanted to pursue, but I had to decide which one was better.

I first looked at whether or not my solution was even possible. To find out, I did some research to make sure that the process was testable and already scientifically proven feasible. I also looked at whether or not my problem and solution was unique. I wouldn’t want to create a solution too similar to one that already exists. Lastly, I wanted to see which problem/solution best fits within the given time limit and one that could be done by me only with the help of my mentor, of course.With all these things in mind, it was obvious which solution I wanted to pursue. Although, the biggest  factor in my decision was if I was truly interested and passionate about my solution. I wanted my solution to be not only a learning experience but to be a fun one too.

Overall, my mentor, Benton, has been very helpful. In the beginning, we mostly bounced ideas off of one another which impacted a lot of my decision making. He has given me a lot of good insight and ideas. Benton has also helped me see what other ideas have to offer my overall solution. Knowing other solutions that already exist helped me make sure my innovation was inventive. It’s just an honor that I have a person with so much experience that can guide me down the right path.

So far, I feel that I have accomplished a lot. I am so excited to research more and complete the next steps in this amazing journey.