Krishna Reddy - Being Picky

I noticed that there are a lot of unsolved problems out there as well as solved ones. A lot of problems can just be solved with better planning or better spending. Some problems are harder to solve requiring millions of dollars of research and development, which I don't have access to. There's a middle range where it's not way too easy and it's not too hard.

Narrowing my list to three problems was not very hard because I don't have a broad range of interest in terms of things I'm willing to do. So some problems to me just don't sound appealing to me because they might be too hard to solve, or too easy.

I think there are three things that motivate 3M scientists to solve problems. The first is that they get satisfaction knowing that they have made the lives of people easier or better. Another is that they will get recognition for inventing or discovering something. They will be known for having an impact. The final reason is that there is financial incentive. The system of capitalism is designed to reward people for bringing upon improvements in society, so they will be financially rewarded somehow.