Arthur Frigo's Second Blog post!


Hi everyone!

So, over the last two weeks our mentors have been encouraging us to come up with several new problems to solve.  I read the news, so I got some ideas there, and sometimes, my family talks about news at dinner, so finally, I had my additional 7 problems to start researching. That’s kept me busy over the past couple weeks!

From there, it was time to identify the cause of each of these problems. Here’s an example of a problem and its cause:
PROBLEM:  Parents often get separated from their children in airport security
CAUSE:  Parents have a lot to pay attention to while passing through security, and sometimes the children can wander away from them.

It was pretty easy to identify the cause of most of the problems I found, but some were more difficult. The next step was for me to narrow down all but three of my problems. That was a little challenging, because there are so many good problems to solve! I chose my three favorites, one of which includes my original idea that I used for my video submission. It will be very difficult to narrow them down to one!

While I research, I try to imagine myself as a 3M scientist. Knowing that your research could solve a problem and change the world, must be great motivation for the 3M scientists and the work that they do. This is Arthur Frigo signing out! Stay tuned...