Iris - Narrowing Down My Ideas

Hi, Iris here. I’m extremely excited to move forward with my project! For the past few weeks, I had been brainstorming which problems I heard about in the news, or problems I had heard people talk about in order to come up with solutions to them. It was quite difficult narrowing down my choices, because I had so many ideas for various problems, and I couldn’t decide which to move forward with. I had originally made a list of 6 problems, but after much thought about which problems affect the most people, and how feasible the possible solutions are in the time given, I narrowed it down to 3 problems. My mentor, Dr. Raha Been has been incredibly supportive and helpful to bounce my ideas off of, and she has given me much inspiration.

I think that when certain problems, like diseases, or circumstances, like pollution specifically affect scientists, or their family, it drives them to find solutions to those problems and create innovations to benefit millions who suffer from those problems, as well as themselves.

All in all, I am very anxious for the final competition, and that excited to meet my mentor and other finalists.