Hannah - A Perfect Fit

Hello, Young Scientists!

The summer before seventh grade, I was encouraged to pursue engineering at a summer camp. Upon arrival at the camp, I found that I was the only girl! I knew that I was the minority, but after successfully programming and constructing robots that day, my love and passion for science and engineering was discovered.

Shortly after school began, I received a letter from my nine-year-old pen pal in Ethiopia, Africa. She wrote about how she has no access to lights, a steady flow of fresh water to drink, and other basic necessities. I recognized that her situation was not unique and believed that I could use the skills I acquired to take action in an attempt to mitigate the global energy crisis. 

The idea of entering the YSC was introduced by my eighth-grade science teacher. I realized that this would be a perfect fit for me to illustrate my research to like-minded student discoverers and brilliant 3M scientists! A few weeks after submitting my entry, I received the phone call while working on my project, and I was so excited to be a finalist.

I am ecstatic to have the opportunity to work with 3M Scientist Jeffery Emslander, who is helping and encouraging me to pursue my passion of science and engineering through my research.

If I am awarded the $25,000, I plan to donate a portion of the money to UNICEF and Compassion International, and I will also contribute some of the money towards further developing my research.

Remember, “problems can’t stop you, obstacles can’t stop you, most of all other people can’t stop you… the only person that can stop you is yourself.” Now go out into the world, identify a problem, and help make our world a better place!

Signing off,