Excited about going to St Paul, Minnesota

I think the reality of the competition just sunk in a little deeper.  I woke up thinking about the trip to Minnesota.  I’m really looking forward to meeting my mentor in person, the finalists, as well as all the people who are supporting us in the competition.  I also have that nervous energy that you get when you have a big game.

Although it has been a lot of work to prepare for the final event, it has been a lot of fun and it has been part of the overall excitement.   Last week, I finished my Powerpoint presentation and decided which demonstrations I wanted to use.  It was a challenge to decide which information would be included in the final 5 minute format.

I feel that we are all very fortunate to have the opportunity to present our inventions and get more feedback to continue our work and improve our products. 

To anyone thinking about joining this competition, I just want you to know it has been a fantastic experience and the opportunity of a lifetime.  To all the finalists, I’m looking forward to seeing you and having lots of fun this weekend.