I first learned about the Young Scientist Challenge from an article in the Washington Post last year when they announced last year’s winners from our region. When I made the device this year to proactively prevent drowsy driving I thought maybe I could give it a try.

I have taken TV Studio class at school and was one of crew that produced "Wake Up Takoma", a morning news program at my school. Making a video was not too difficult for me. However most of time, I was behind the camera as a director, or floor manager, or camera crew. This time, I would have to appear in front the camera! Besides that, the most challenging part was how to shorten the movie to 2 minutes and make it still carry all the information I want to convey.

After I submitted the video, I put this thing behind my mind and wasn’t expecting anything.  When I got the phone call, at first I thought it was about something else. When the information that I won finally sank in, I was so thrilled. Of course my parents were happy for me too. We were hugging and jumping around together. I then email the great news to my science teacher/mentor at my school and my local science fair community. They were all very excited and shared the joy with me.

Now I will start the summer mentorship program and I am excited and look forward to work with a 3M Scientist to engineer something exciting.