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Allie - I Really Don't Want to See That!

The Blow Dart Spirometer innovation that I entered into the Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge probably required the most research out of all of the past inventions and innovations I hav

Laalitya - Almost my 1 year Surgery Anniversary!

Hello everyone! This week is 1 year since my MPFL Reconstruction Arthroscopic surgery! I had dislocated my knee during dance in November 2015 and then again in July 2016.

Rithvik - Can't say research without search!

Hello everyone, It’s me, Rithvik! I’m back again with my 1st video blog post. For this past few days, I have been doing tons of detailed research on my topic.

Kate - Wasted Water: A Problem to Focus On

Hello Scientists! After narrowing down my list of problems to just three last week, picking one problem to focus on has been surprisingly easy.

Devin - One Thing Leads to Another

Devin Willis checking in! Of all the problems in the world, how did I decide which one to focus on?

Anika - Following My Passion

Hello Everyone! Thank you for joining me on Week 3 of this amazing journey. Click play below to hear about it!   I hope you join me again next time, Anika

Austin - Solar Energy Efficiency

  Hello, Young Scientists! The sun delivers more energy to the earth in a few hours than humanity consumes over the course of an entire year!  I continue to be excited about the possibilit

Simone - Down to one!

Hi guys! This week was a pretty big milestone in my scientific journey, because I chose which idea I’ll pursue for the rest of the summer and present in Minnesota.

Gitanjali - Assessing my Solutions

Hello fellow scientists, Last week, I explained the process on how I narrowed down to few problems. While I narrowed down some problems, they were all related to the rising issue of lead contaminati

Allie - Go For It!

When you get an idea, I have found only two things can possibly happen. 1. Someone else will do it first. or 2. No one else will do it, ever. Both of these are good motivators!