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Samyak - Memorable Summer!

Hello all,  Summer break finally comes to an end! I had a wonderful summer filled with learning and innovating.

Nishant Lahiri - The Excitement and Heartache

      Finally. It has been great to go to a laboratory and generate data for iCART. It took several safety courses to even be granted access to the lab.  It was a bit intimidating the first day.

Yosef- Grass is The Answer

Not to give too much away, but grass, not trees, is the answer. How can this be?

What a 3M Scientist means to me

  While testing my solution, I had a lot of challenging, but exciting moments. The best part of my process so far was seeing how effective my solution was to killing bacteria.

Jaya- The Journey Is Coming To A Close

Hello, everyone! This is Jaya, and I am back with my fifth post!   Now, there is a little over a month before the Young Scientist Challenge Final Event.