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Mehaa- Let's save the world one drop at a time

My name is Mehaa Amirthalingam. This is my first blog post and I am so excited for these next few months of preparing for the final event.

Keep Cool with Dry Ice

Take a break from your hot summer with some cool science and explore dry ice.

Have a Boring Summer!

This summer, take a break from, well everything, at least for a little while, and see what simmers up in your brain.

Talking Trash (in Space)

It moves faster than a speeding bullet. Is it a bird? A plane? No, it’s space junk! In less than 75 years, humanity has managed to leave an estimated 100,000 pieces of useless debris behind in space. How can we clean it up?

A Closer Look at Lava

The current news of the Kilauea volcano eruption is a stark reminder that the awesome powers of nature can be destructive.

One Word for Earth Day: Plastics

This year’s Earth Day theme is putting an end to plastic pollution. Learn about resources to explore this idea and pledges your students can make for a healthier planet.

The World Needs You

What does it take to develop this new generation of scientists? It starts with encouraging curious kids who ask things like, why does? How might? What if?

Slime Mold: The Next Middle School Trend?

Slime is all the rage among middle school students. As a science teacher, though, you may be more captivated by slime mold. And, hopefully, your enthusiasm for this living slime will spread to your students like Physarum polycephalum on the forest floor.