January 2020

Tip Tuesday: Be Inspired!

Learn from the World Around You As you begin to consider how you may be able to impact the future, be inspired by the world around you!  Observe the problems that you, your family, your school, a

Tip Tuesday: Think Like a Scientist

Kick off the Scientific Process This year’s 3M Young Scientist Challenge asks a big question: How can you improve lives for the future? Thankfully, scientists throughout the centuries have proven th

Tip Tuesday: Curiosity IS the Answer!

Let Your Curiosity Lead You!  Register and stay up-to-date with the 2020 3M Young Scientist Challenge - HERE.  "What if?" At 3M, scientists ask that question everyday to spark day-to-day solutions t

Happy New Year, Young Scientist!

It is 2020! Have you made your New Year's Resolution, yet? Why not challenge yourself to think creatively, use science to problem solve and help others?