August 2019

Kara- Gathering Reliable Information

         Throughout this challenge, I had to gather a lot of information to solve a problem and prove that my solution works.

Reshma - Research is Crucial to Innovation

This is my fourth blog in video format - In this blog post I will be talking about the process and importance of research and organization in defining problems and coming up with solutions.   W

Caroline - Chugging Along Conducting Research

  Hello everyone, it’s Caroline, I can’t believe the summer is going by so fast!   It has truly been a wonderful experience being a 3M Young Scientist Finalist.  I am so gratefu

Jaya-Always Be Informed

Salutations, all! This is Jaya with my fourth blog post.    Since my last blog post, I have mainly been researching.

Faraz-My Golden Ticket

  Picking one solution out of many was just like finding which Monka bar holds the golden ticket.

Samyak - Picking a Final Problem!

Welcome back fellow scientists,  I hope you are all doing fantastic and having a great summer.

Camellia- Yay, I have my picked my project!

Thought starters: Post about the process of picking just one problem/solution to focus on. What was the biggest factor in your decision?

Nishant- My Research Journey

      Through working on iCART and competing in the 3M Young Scientist Challenge, I have learned many things. Perhaps most importantly, I have learned to convert ideas to testable hypotheses.