July 2019

Joey - What will fix climate change

My project centers about saving the Earth’s climate. I had my first phone call with my mentor, Mr. Emslander

Caroline- On The Right Track!

Hello again, it’s Caroline, I just found out an excessive heat warning is in effect.  A strong high pressure area known as a “heat dome” is building across the United States.

Kara- My process of selecting a problem

A few years ago, my grandma had a very serious Urinary Track Infection, and was sent to the emergency room. She was immediately given antibiotics, which saved her life.

Jaya-The Initial Steps

Hello again! This is Jaya with my second blog post! Week 2 came and went in the blink of the eye.  This week, I worked with my mentor Dr.

Samyak - Now the Excitement Begins!

Hello, fellow science enthusiasts!  I am Samyak Shrimali from Portland, Oregon. I am very excited and honored to be named one of ten finalists in the 2019 3M Young Scientist Challenge.

Faraz - I went bonkers!

My father told me a true story about himself when he was in second grade, about a kid named "Mona" who was aphonic. Mona used to chase my dad and my dad would get scared and run away.

Camellia- It will be a summer of STEM!

I am Camellia from Richmond, Virginia. Let me start with a confession, I still can’t believe that I am a 3M YSC Finalist! I traveled to St. Paul last year with my brother Cameron for the Finals.

Nishant- Welcome to iCART

      We have gained much materially through industrialization. Population growth, mushrooming cities, jet-setting worldwide travel — all demand more energy.