August 2017

Samu - Developing for Usability

As I begin working on flushing out my final proof-of-concept application, me and my mentor are focused around one key concept of usability.

Laalitya - Finalizing Ideas!

Hello scientists! This week, I have been finalizing my solution to the final problem that I chose, solving the energy crisis!

Rithvik - Finding the right problem to solve

Welcome back fellow scientists, It’s me, Rithvik! Week 3 has come by fast, and I can’t wait to talk to you about my research progress.

The Great American Solar Eclipse

The Great American Solar Eclipse is headed our way. Don't miss out on these fun facts and great resources, like citizen science projects and free posters, to make the most of it.

Devin - Fail Early, Fail Often

Devin Willis checking in! I have had a busy couple of weeks being a camp counselor; helping kids learn to program virtual reality games.

Anika - Science Is All Around Us!

Hello everyone! The past couple of weeks have been very enlightening as I begin my scientific journey. Looking at the world around us in a new light, identifying problems we face, and evaluating pot

Austin - Here Comes the Sun

  Hello Young Scientists, I am excited to share with you amazing observations that I made over the last few weeks!  I gained valuable insight on future possibilities of creating a pollutio

Simone - Scotch Tape Appreciation

Hey guys! I've had so much fun starting my project, and there's still half the Summer left! check out my video below. There's a cat at the end!!!