August 2015

Hannah - Science is Everywhere

Hello, Young Scientists! This week, I have been in Europe with my family, and I had the opportunity to visit a micro-hydro power site in Luzern, Switzerland, which provides power to over 1,000 homes!


Ever since Discovery Education and 3M announced that I was a finalist, I have come up with possible problems we face that I could solve as my final project.

Raghav Ganesh - Second Blog Post

Hi, Welcome to my second blog post. I can’t believe that it’s already been two weeks!

3M Mentor Jeff Emslander - New Beginning

Wow – this is fun! I was aware of the Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge but was not involved in the program until this year.

Peter - Picking The Challenge

     Research. There is no end to it, or controlling it. I have one of those personalities where when I research something, I just keep going.

Krishna Reddy - Being Picky

I noticed that there are a lot of unsolved problems out there as well as solved ones. A lot of problems can just be solved with better planning or better spending.

Conner-A Companion Worth Saving

When trying to find a problem in my everyday life, I started to look in the news.

Amulya - Week 2

Hey everyone–Amulya here! Over the past week, I’ve been making so much progress.

Arthur's First Blog Post

Here's my first blog video, enjoy!   http:///