August 2015


Hello everyone, For the past week, I narrowed my list down to three problems and then selected one to solve as my final solution.

Raghav Ganesh - Narrowing It Down

Hi, Welcome back! These past few weeks have been so exciting and busy! :) I look forward to continuing to grow as I make progress in my scientific journey. My mentor, Dr.

Start the School Year Right

by Kim Moldofsky Ah, the smell of freshly sharpened pencils and the scent of the colorful new markers; it’s time for a new school year. Change is the only true constant in education.

Peter - Picking The Right One

Had a crazy week of reading, and making hard choices...

Krishna Reddy - My Final Idea

The main factor that helped me narrow down my ideas to one was doability.

Conner-The Process

When trying to pick one problem to focus on, I decided that I would make a list of pros and cons in order to make the decision easier.

Amulya - Plowing Ahead

Wow, time flies by so fast! It feels like I only got started yesterday, but now it's August! I’ve been making a lot of progess on my app, and it’s running successfully in the browser.

Science, Dog-Gone It!

by Kim Moldofsky  School is back in session (or soon will be). The dog days of summer are coming to an end, but not without a celebration of our canine companions.

Arthur Frigo's Second Blog post!

  Hi everyone! So, over the last two weeks our mentors have been encouraging us to come up with several new problems to solve.  I read the news, so I got some ideas there, and sometimes, my

Starting my Project

The choice of topic for me was simple: I love physics and astronomy, and I am captivated by space travel.  I always think about these topics.