July 2015

Hannah - A Perfect Fit

Hello, Young Scientists! The summer before seventh grade, I was encouraged to pursue engineering at a summer camp. Upon arrival at the camp, I found that I was the only girl!

Science Goes to Washington

By Meredith Crosby, 3Mgives Director of Strategic Initiatives This year, I was honored to represent 3M at the fifth White House Science Fair.


Hi! my name is Sanjana, and I am super excited to write about my first day experience preparing for the summer long project and to be mentored by Dr. Dailey.

Raghav Ganesh - My First week

Hello everyone, Welcome to my first blog post! :) I have always been very interested in science and math.

Peter - Rolling Up to the Challenge!

For the past couple weeks, ever since I received my "You're a finalist" call, I've been researching to come up with a new invention.

Krishna Reddy - The Basics

I was inspired to enter this contest when I had an idea and wanted to present it. Making my entry video was very fun because I got to edit it and choose the content that was put in.

Conner-A Passion for Science

It all started at school when my science teacher gave us the assignment to create an innovation that made an impact in the world.

Amulya - First Post!!

Hi there! I’m Amulya and I live in Pittsburgh.