Asvini - An enormous global issue

Hello everyone and welcome back to my third blog. Today I am going to talk about how I choose one problem that I wanted to research more about and how I came up with some innovative solutions.

In my last blog, I talked about how I narrowed down my list to three problems and they are global warming, limitation of nonrenewable energy sources, and farming issues. After finding three problems, I started focusing more on identifying two solutions to each of these problems. I started doing lots of research on each problem including inventions and ideas that have already been discovered and what I could do differently to make an impact. I had a great discussion with my mentor Dr. Kannan about what I found out in my research process. He gave me feedback and encouraged me to think further.  

Currently drought conditions are impacting the farming industry around the world. Non-renewable energy sources are harming the environment. Changing weather pattern, forest fires, and continuous hot temperatures are issues that are impacting lots of people’s lives. The main root cause to all these problems is the increasing amount of greenhouse gas emissions that are going into the atmosphere.

For my research, I choose the issue of global warming, climate change, and air pollution because it is a huge issue that the world is currently facing. I also came up with a possible solution, that can be testable and will make an impact on society. Additionally, as an environmentalist I have always cared about the environment and the planet earth, and I am always looking for ways to solve these huge global issues before it gets any worse.

I want to thank my 3M scientist Dr. Kannan for navigating me through this process. He gave me lots of advice and helped me to gain more knowledge and think strategically. I really enjoyed researching and experimenting many ways to come up with a great solution.

Thank you for reading my post.