Sahasra- Imagination leads to Observations, research and ideas!

Hello everyone, 

I hope you are all doing well. I'll be sharing my research process with you today in my second blog post about observations, research and ideas. Let's get started. 

Our first step is observing, I was being very observant about everything around me and asking questions from the environment to our health. This led me to find a problem where I wanted to find out how we can increase biodiversity and can fight climate change with soil fungi. My main goal is to help make farmers' jobs easier and have healthier crops growing. 

My second step is research and learning how big of an impact it makes. Agricultural biodiversity is essential to satisfy basic human needs for food and livelihood security. Biodiversity, food and nutrition interact on a number of key issues.  I also learned that biodiversity benefits agriculture through such effects as an increase in pollinators, the presence of species that reduce pests, and better soil quality. 

Our last step is brainstorming Solutions. How can we increase biodiversity? Well according to the many articles i've read it shows there are multiple ways to increase biodiversity. As a general rule, increasing biodiversity can be achieved by diversifying the range of habitats or vegetation structures available at a site. This can be achieved by, for example, varying mowing regimes, planting or seeding with native tree and shrub species, or occasional soil disturbance.

I talked with my 3M mentor today and asked him about what motivates him as a 3M scientist to solve problems and his response was quite genuine and he replied saying that it's different for every scientist because it is a personal question. But for him he said that he enjoys the method and the process that you go through for problem solving and he also told me that he was obsessed with learning new things and processes through it.  He told me that one of the reasons that he liked his job so much was because he thinks it is motivating to work on something that matters in real life. I was very impressed with his amazing answer.

See you all next time!