Daniel - Narrow Your List of Ideas


Hi Guys,

Welcome back to my blog. Last time we covered entering the 3M Young Scientist Challenge and being a finalist. We also discussed Observations and finding problems. Today I will be sharing my experience during the summer mentorship and the process I went through in choosing a problem to solve.

So lets get started

“How hard was it to narrow down your list of ideas to three?”

It was very challenging because you had to see which one was the most practical while also having the most benefits. 

Some of the questions you have to ask yourself are 

Is it necessary?

Is it beneficial?

Will it make a difference?

Is it cost effective?

I thought about each of those questions in detail to see how each idea played out. Doing this really helped me figure out which idea could and could not be possible and which idea was feasible. I did this exercise a few times until I settled on an idea.

“What do you think motivates 3M scientists to solve problems?”

This is a great question. What I think motivates 3M scientists is that they have very curious minds. If they run into a problem or question they immediately look for a possible solution to try and work around the problem. In the process of solving problems they also make everyday life easier and try to expand the science knowledge. For example “Post-IT NOTES'' are very useful in everyday life for writing down ideas,events, and things that you don’t want to forget.


Again, Thank you for tuning in to my blog. I hope you like the journey so far because we are just getting started!