Sarah - Improving Lives with Spark Care+

Welcome back to my blog!

I have had an incredible journey developing my device, Spark Care+ with the mentorship of Dr. Ann Fornoff! 

The below video is for the Improving Lives Award!

Through the summer mentorship and working on Spark Care+, I learned about the steps scientists take to create new inventions, efficiently collect data through Design of Experiments, and program an OLS regression machine learning. Collaboration is important when solving problems because from listening to other expert's specialties and ideas, I can apply them to my project and make it better. I am extremely excited and looking forward to the Final Event this year!!! 

I hope Spark Care+, a personalized music therapy using Artificial Intelligence, Galvanic Skin Response, and Photoplethysmography, will improve emotional well being and foster a healthy mental health for everyone who needs it. 

Thank you all!