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Research - Really Efficient Strategies Essential for Answering Realms of Curious Hypotheses


Hey everyone! This is Snigtha, and welcome to my fourth blog post! During the last two weeks, with the help of my mentor, I have honed in on one solution to focus on further developing. 

In order to solve the problem I discussed in my earlier blog posts, I did a lot of research. Although it’s possible to solve problems without doing research, it’s near impossible to solve them well, since research provides all of the information you need. You don’t need to know everything before you get started, but you do need a foundation.

The hardest part about gathering information is knowing where to look, as it’s important that your starting point is specific to what you need. I did so by sorting through my gathered information and deciding on the best approach. I looked at current water bottle trackings, research analyzing relationships between animal populations and pollution, and ways microplastics get into our environment. This let me comfortably proceed with my research. 

Most of my recent research centered around finding products I can use to develop my idea, as I already had the idea for my solution beforehand. 

Being organized is essential for efficiently carrying out research. Although messy situations can still be worked through, being organized makes it easier to access and store information.

Research and gathering information plays a huge role in finding solutions to problems. I did a lot for my project so that I could really understand the issue I’m trying to solve, and what the best way to solve it is.


Thank you for reading! See you all in my next post!

Snigtha Mohanraj

Massive amounts of plastic can be found in water. I used this tracker in my research.

#OneLess Bottle Survey Marine Debris Tracker -