Viraj - Problem-solving with my mentor

Problem-solving with my mentor


One of the problems I faced in my project was that I was having trouble proving that the light frequency in the test results was at a particular frequency and this was a bottleneck because I had no idea how to prove it. I thought about it a lot, I googled it, I asked around but I could not find any solution to it.


Since we the 3M finalists have to use one material that is made at 3M I went to the 3M website to research and find some materials that I could use to solve my problem. But unfortunately, I could not find any material on the 3M website.


Because I was unsuccessful in finding a solution I asked my mentor, Mr.Zimmerman, to help me. First I explained the problem I was having with my project. Then we both went on the 3M website and I saw that 3M is selling an infrared camera film. Then I asked my mentor whether they sell the film at the particular frequency I was looking for. 


My mentor came back at the next meeting and told me that he had found the perfect camera film that I could use for my project. I realized that my project without this film, something so important could not be proven, so I now realize how useful this find was! I could not be more thankful to Mr. Zimmeran!


The best part about being a 3M finalist and having a 3M mentor is that he can help me solve my project problems and make them better. His guidance and his experience is helping me in shaping my project into a foolproof project.