ONE MONTH LEFT: Stuck on Your Project?

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We all get stuck sometimes. And working on your 3M Young Scientist Challenge entry is no exception! Whether you want to call it a mental block, brain freeze, writer’s block, or scientist’s happens to the best of us.

So next time it feels like you just can’t think, give yourself permission to take a brain break. Spend a few minutes doing something that will clear your mind—whether it’s singing along to your favorite song, going for a walk, or calling your best friend. It may seem strange, but often the best cure for a mental block is a little space from what you’re working on!

Once you’re ready to begin again, click on the button below. You don’t want to miss the chance to be one of 10 National Finalists, one of 51 State Merit Winners, or one of four (brand-new!) Honorable Mentions, do you?

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