Samhita: My Journey of

Hello fellow scientists, experts, and engineers! Welcome to my blog, and today, I will be talking about the progress I made over the summer.

We have recently got into the habit of remote learning: simply just calling your teachers on Microsoft Teams, and spending the day like that. Though my schedule has become much more packed since then, I can say that without a doubt, I have been doing very well and have made significant progress throguhout the summer. At the end of summer, going into the beginning of the school year, I can say that without a doubt, I am almost completed with a prototype of my robot, and have an overall idea of my demonstration ultimately, and the items and materials I will be using to demonstrate certain aspects of my project. Though I have come upon tons and tons of dead ends throughout this journey that discouraged me, I was able to take them as a learning experience and made myself less susceptible to these downfalls and make my foundation stronger!

Working with my mentor over the summer, overall, has been an incredible experience! I have learned so much from my mentor, Dr. Done Demigroz, and her feedback, positivity, encouragement, and critique that has helped me significantly throughout my process! I cannot thank her enough! Her mentoring and guidance on my project has inspired me, as this opportunity doesn't come often!

As I said before, access to a 3M mentor has helped me significantly because I could turn into the right directions and waste less time thanks to my mentor. She allowed me to realize what was right and what I could fix in my methods and made most of my ideas and implementations almost foolproof!

My favorite part of the challenge so far has been the blogs! I love writing about how my process has been going, and my opinions on specific topics that I can share with the rest of the 3M community and the world!

A challenge I had to overcome in this journey was probably my robot's size, as it had to be small to resemble microrobots. Having to fit so many essential components into such a short space was extremely difficult and time-consuming. After going through multiple designs and materials, I am much more confident in my current design and idea!

Thank you for watching, and I hope everyone stays safe! Till next time!



     Force Resistant Sensor


         Vibration Motors


      Ring Robot Chassis

~ Samhita Pokkunuri