Samhita - My Initial Observations

Hello there, fellow scientists, experts, and engineers, and welcome to my blog, "Swarming With Samhita!" Today, I am going to talk about my first observations and how I narrowed the problems I wanted to solve into one!

My inspiration for this project came from my environment and the fascinating world surrounding me. Every day, I would walk home from the bus to see ants miraculously digging in the ground to form anthills, and bees flying around flowers, someone communicating with one another in their own language. After a while, these collective behaviors intrigued me to research a bit on this topic, which I soon learned would be swarm intelligence. These topics all interested me, and I, therefore, wanted to use my knowledge of entomology, collective intelligence, and my love for robotics to create a project. Though there were plenty of incredible directions I could go with this basis, I found it rather challenging to choose from a multitude of problems occurring in our world. This is because I had the enthusiasm to solve every problem existing in every field all at once; thus, it was quite difficult singling it all to one. Subsequently, I was able to single down all the problems I came up within our world according to importance, efficiency, and how life-changing it could be (to exactly 3.) These three ideas were as follows:

  • replicating the ant or bee in size, shape, and behaviors
  • creating a robot that could mend termite mounds and ant holes destroyed
  • creating robots that could replicate the behaviors of ants and bees, to be further implemented into medical, agriculture, construction, and more fields

Looking at all these, I eventually eliminated my options and came up with the idea of Robotic Swarms. I ended up choosing this idea because I believed that I could fulfill my knowledge on robotics into this project, search and rescue operations would be completed faster, and it just had that "WOW" factor for me. 

Something I think that motivates 3M scientists to solve problems is pure inspiration. I believe that all the intelligent, incredible scientists in 3M have the mindset that they see a question or a daily process occurring around them, and they immediately want to learn or do something. Therefore, these scientists inspire me to use my knowledge of the world and my surroundings to learn and make the world a better place.   

Overall, my experience of choosing my problem and becoming inquisitive about my habitat was exhilarating! The journey so far has been incredible, and I can't wait for the next step!

Thank you for reading my blog, which I had so much fun writing; I cannot wait to see you all in my next post. Stay safe, and goodbye!

~ Samhita Pokkunuri