Tip Tuesday: Need Some Finish-Line Motivation?

"The 3M Young Scientist Challenge was a mesmerizing and thrilling experience..."

      - Samyak (2019 Finalist) 

We are approaching one week left to submit your entry for the 3M Young Scientist Challenge! Getting closer to the deadline means that you’re also getting closer to finding out if you’ll have the chance to be impacted by the 3M Young Scientist Challenge like Samyak was.

Submit Your Entry Video Today 

Have a last-minute question? Look through our FAQ, Video Tips, and Submission Steps pages. But remember: If you still can’t find your answer, send us an email at YSC@discoveryed.com. We’ll do our best to respond quickly so you can finish your video as soon as possible.

All entries must be received by Thursday, May 7!

Follow us on Twitter @3M and @DiscoveryEd and share when you’ve submitted your entry #YoungScientist.