What a 3M Scientist means to me

  While testing my solution, I had a lot of challenging, but exciting moments. The best part of my process so far was seeing how effective my solution was to killing bacteria. When I first started this project, my solution couldn’t kill enough bacteria. After tons of testing, I finally found the best way to make my solution. The most challenging part of  making my nanoparticle solution is  to find the concentration of my solution without using a device. There are specific equations I have to use in order to find and convert the concentrations so that it is easier to understand. Another challenging part is to figure out ways to improve my product. My mentor helped me figure out how to include 3M products into my solution. 

      The summer mentorship has helped me a lot with keeping track of what to do every week. My mentor and I would discuss the problems I had with my project, and then we would think about ways  to improve it. She also helped me order the 3M products I needed and contacted several other scientists to help me improve my project.  It is so much better to work with someone who actually knows about science, then to work by myself. It means a lot to have a 3M scientist spend time with me and discuss about my project with me.