Nishant Lahiri - The Excitement and Heartache

      Finally. It has been great to go to a laboratory and generate data for iCART. It took several safety courses to even be granted access to the lab.  It was a bit intimidating the first day. The complex equipment appeared daunting; however, through the days it now feels familiar. It was incredibly exciting to get data that supported my hypothesis.  The one hour road trips to the lab were worth it! But I also got data that was contradictory. Such is the process of discovery. The troubleshooting goes on. There is so much to test and such little time. Finding the hours to do all that I want given a packed high school calendar has been the most challenging aspect. 

      It has been a pleasure discussing iCART and other clean energy initiatives with Dr. Vasav Sahni.  I was also able to discuss my 3M materials choices with him. His advice to help me prepare for the final event is helping me get organized.  I look forward to meeting him.