Dr. Frankenstein - Faraz Tamboli

When you create a product to help people or when you are trying to discover, undiscovered ideas you should keep in mind that the process of science should be enjoyed.


What has been the best part of the process so far?

  • The best part of the process was learning from my mentor Ms. Tesha Alston, about how real scientists approach a real life problem to solve. Mistakes are part of the process of reaching your solution. In the process, you test your solution, you fail many times, and it gives your opportunity to learn from mistakes to come up with the best solution that is possible. Unless and until you try, you won’t know what is the best solution that is out there.


When the most challenging part comes, you should put your hope into finishing it and target that problem


What part has been the most challenging? 

  • The most challenging part was finding the device that was portable, compatible, that could also work with the LeapMotion Gesture detector and was powerful enough to run tensorflow predictions.


When you work on a project you can get help from an expert. It helps you to learn more about the topic and understand the problem you are facing.  


How has access to a 3M scientist helped you?

  • 3M has helped me by providing a wonderful mentor who has been guiding me in my project and giving her valuable advice. Ms. Tesha Alston has reviewed each step of my project and helped to improve my way of thinking on many aspects of the project. I would like to thank Ms. Alston for her guidance, and I would also like to thank 3M for providing me such an amazing mentor.


What has the summer mentorship with a 3M scientist meant to you? 

  • The summer mentorship with my mentor Ms. Tesha Alston was a lot of fun. It gave me a real-life experience of working as a scientist and learn the process of scientific discovery. It has been the best experience I ever had.