Nishant- My Research Journey

      Through working on iCART and competing in the 3M Young Scientist Challenge, I have learned many things. Perhaps most importantly, I have learned to convert ideas to testable hypotheses. Otherwise, how would I know if I am right or wrong?

      I think it is possible to create good hypotheses by conducting background research. The internet offers such a wide database, but my struggle is finding credible sources. There is a lot of good information on carbon capture but there is a lot of misleading information that sounds credible and it is challenging to sort between the two.        

      I have looked at companies and research professors with ideas similar to mine because I want to piggyback on what is known and focus on my innovation of home based reversible carbon capture. I hope to find out which materials offer the best reversible carbon capture in a home setting.     

      If I can invent such a material, I think 3M would be a great company to improve and manufacture it. I look forward to discussions with my mentor on what 3M looks for before they invest in manufacturing new materials.