Kara- Gathering Reliable Information

         Throughout this challenge, I had to gather a lot of information to solve a problem and prove that my solution works. The hardest part about gathering information is to find correct and reliable information that helps me solve a problem. Sometimes it takes a really long time to find the exact information that I need. For example, I needed to find a lot of information to prove that the problem I am trying to solve is important. I also had to find a reliable way to synthesize silver nano particles. I discussed it with my mentor, Sara Hemmer, and we chose the best way to do it. 

         Even though researching is very important, I feel like it is possible to solve a problem without researching it. If you know a lot about that problem, you can find a solution. 

         Whenever I find good information, I try to categorize it into different google docs to be organized. For example, when I found information about what bacteria I should experiment with, I put it in a document. When I found information about something else, I would put it in a different google doc instead of putting it all in one. This way, finding the information I need is much more convenient. I think it is really important for scientists to be organized. Organizing data and information is really important because it improves productivity.