Faraz-My Golden Ticket


Picking one solution out of many was just like finding which Monka bar holds the golden ticket. I could have chosen a solution that had the most creative idea, a tracking device for kids to track their location, so that Waze, Uber, or Lyft like navigation services can, in turn, notify their drivers to slow down or stop because a child is crossing the road ahead on the way of their cars. But then,  I would need to work with a navigation service. 


I could have chosen the solution to track guns in public or school areas using a tracker, which could incorporate a 3M innovation. It was a hard choice. 


The solution to helping the deaf and aphonic children communicate with people who do not know sign language was an interesting and feasible idea. But the biggest factor in my decision making was its impact on the lives of deaf and aphonic children. The stories I have read and heard about deaf and aphonic children, made me realize that this solution can help children break the constraint of their capabilities and expand their world. 


My mentor, Ms. Alston has guided me with ideas to help me in improving my project. She supported me with my video blog and has given suggestions on what would help make my model better. It was also very inspiring to learn about Ms. Alston’s very interesting immunotherapy work. Thank you, Ms. Alston, for giving me your time and providing the best advice.


Being here up to this point has gone beyond my expectations. I want to thank 3M and discovery so much for giving me the opportunity to be part of this great experience. Sometimes I don't believe that I'm a finalist. My accomplishments so far have reinforced my resolve to solve this problem.