Camellia- Yay, I have my picked my project!

Thought starters: Post about the process of picking just one problem/solution to focus on. What was the biggest factor in your decision? How has access to a 3M Scientist been helpful in your journey so far? How do you feel about what you have accomplished up to this point?

Surprisingly, selecting the final project was easier than picking three projects out of the initial list of eight. In my last blog, I stated that I was torn about narrowing the list to three because I am passionate about all eight problems. In this step, I started with studying each of the three problems in greater depth than I had done earlier. Then I listed the problems in the order of my interest. I started prototyping my experimental setup for the topmost choice. As I work on the experimental model, it became clear to me that making a workable model is beyond the capability of my limited resources. I will need a sophisticated lab. It was time to assess the status of my experiment. I took a step back and abandoned my first choice. The second project on my list is working much better.