Nishant - How I knew my idea was the one

I call myself an all-rounder due to my interest in so many different things. Music, science, swimming, golf, running, global concerns, you name it. However, this left me with a dilemma. I had many intriguing ideas addressing problems in diverse areas. Thankfully, most of them were discarded after some reading and discussions, but there were still a few that I had a difficult time choosing between.

I narrowed my list of ideas down to three – one idea on autism and two ideas on the environment. I have an autistic elder brother and I love animals and the outdoors, so you can see why I was particularly motivated. I decided to drop the idea related to autism – it would be too difficult to gather data.

My ideas for the environment were related to providing more people with access to clean water and on reversing the effects of global warming through carbon capture. Throughout my elementary and middle school, I have been exposed to articles on the harmful effects of poor water quality and global warming.  I read more deeply about both topics. In the end, we all love our friends, families and pets so if we could get people to participate in a meaningful way, we could get a lot more people to believe and act on global warming. That is what inspired me to follow through with iCART.

I think 3M Scientists work hard every day to help solve diverse problems that benefit society. They have so many different skills and capabilities and they must feel motivated by their ability to make a difference. I was given this opportunity to find a problem area that mattered and to come up with a solution. I feel very lucky to have been given this opportunity to learn to pick a problem and come up with a proposed solution. I look up to the 3M scientists and feel inspired to innovate to make a difference, just like they do.