Kara - I am super excited!

Hi, I’m Kara from San Diego, California. This is my first blog post for the 3M Young Scientist Challenge. 

A few years ago, I went to a summer chemistry class where we did many fun and exciting activities. We learned how to make mini fireworks, multi-colored fire,  and other fascinating things. After taking that class, I started to get more interested in science, so I decided to participate in my local science fair. After that, I had the opportunity to compete in the California state science fair, where I learned about the 3M Young Scientist Challenge from one of the contestants. The 3M Young Scientist challenge was a great way to share my innovation and compete with others while receiving guidance at the same time.

Making the entry video was fun but challenging at the same time.   I didn’t use any special video recorder. I just used my Dad’s smartphone to record my video.   I presented my project through a voice- over, so it was effortless to edit on Windows Media Editor. 

Even though video editing was simple, it took a while, and I had to start over many times for the voice over. I also wanted to make my video less complicated so it would be easier to understand.

When I heard that I was a finalist, I was shocked. I couldn’t believe I made it this far in the competition and I am looking forward to competing with the other finalists in October.

My friends and family were thrilled that I am a finalist. They have been supportive ever since I thought of my project idea. I am looking forward to meet my mentor, Sara, in October.  She is so nice. I plan to have a great time and learn a lot from this challenge.