Kara-The Final Decision

        Limiting all the problems down to three wasn't too hard, but picking just one problem to focus on was pretty difficult. I had to figure out which problem has the greatest impact on the world and if that problem is solvable. The biggest factor in my decision is the number of deaths that problem causes because a problem is bigger if it causes more deaths. For example, 10 million deaths by 2050 is worse than 1 million deaths by 2050.

        My 3M mentor, Sara Hemmer, has helped me lot throughout the process. Each week, we have a meeting to discuss about my project. She has given me so much helpful information that I would of never found if I was doing this by myself. For example, she showed me a whole list of bacteria that I could try testing for my project. She also suggested and found some 3M products that I could use for this challenge! 

        Up to this point in the challenge, I feel like I accomplished a good amount. I figured out how to improve my project even more and expand it by using different products. I also learned a lot more chemistry because my project includes synthesis reactions.