Caroline-All Aboard!

Dear fellow scientists,

My name is Caroline Crouchley and I live in Garden City, New York.  Next fall I will be entering the eighth grade.  In addition to my desire to change the world we live in through STEM, I am a passionate flute and piccolo player, a competitive swimmer and a proud member of Girl Scouts.  I am extremely honored and grateful to be a 3M Young Scientist Finalist!

I would describe myself as a very curious person who likes to question the world around me.  For example, why does the element Gallium (Ga) atomic 31on the periodic table melt in the palm of my hand? It’s fascinating.  I enjoy engineering, mathematics, biology, and more recently Autodesk Inventor software and robotics.  I have participated in nine science fairs over the last two years. The most rewarding part about science fairs is connecting with others who are just as interested in science as you are. Throughout my life I have been taught to see the world from different perspectives - always asking questions about why things are the way they are. More recently I have applied this type of creative thinking to the world of science and imagining things that have never been thought of before.

I was excited to enter the 3M Young Scientist Challenge because I wanted to be a part of a scientific community interested in solving real world problems like climate change and global warming. I am honored to be working with my 3M mentor Kandyce Bohannon, a Senior Software Engineer who works with the latest technologies such as augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). Thank you for taking the time to guide me along the way! I can’t wait to get started and learn from your expertise!

The most difficult part of creating my entry video was condensing a year’s worth of research into two short minutes. Reminded by the advice of Marie Curie “Have no fear of perfection; you’ll never reach it” my entry video was finally sent off into the world!

I felt in a state of shock and disbelief when I received the phone call that I was a finalist, I truly did not think I would be chosen.  My three brothers were surprised and amazed and my parents, grandparents, teachers, and community extremely proud! 

If I were to win the grand prize of $25,000 and the title of America’s Top Young Scientist I would save for college and use some of the money to attend science camps I have wanted to explore. I would also use funds for my Girl Scout Silver Award project this year visiting elementary school classrooms to share my journey in science and donate STEM bags filled with science related tools and information to inspire the next generation of Top Young Scientists!