Camellia- It will be a summer of STEM!

I am Camellia from Richmond, Virginia. Let me start with a confession, I still can’t believe that I am a 3M YSC Finalist! I traveled to St. Paul last year with my brother Cameron for the Finals. I was awed and inspired by all the great scientists at the event, both the students and the 3M researchers. I was hoping that I will return someday as a contestant. Here I am, I am a 3M YSC Finalist!

Making the video was challenging, educational and fun. It was challenging because I had to condense six months’ worth of research into two minutes. The time constraint taught me how to cover only the salient points while maintaining continuity. Lastly, it was fun because I like multimedia presentations.

I was nervous while waiting to hear the results since I had seen the level of work by the Finalists last year. I peeked at some of the entries from this year on YouTube and got more nervous. That is when I decided to distract myself with the coursework and the upcoming school soccer tournament.

I was elated and overjoyed when I got the call. I was jumping and dancing. It took me some time to get back to normal.

Whether I win or not, I plan to spread the word the about 3M YSC locally and mentor others who aspire to compete. Both Cameron and I have gained so much from it.

My friends and family were really delighted. The story was posted on our county school Facebook page. I got lots and lots of thumbs up Emojis and congratulatory emails. It is heartening to see friends, family, and former teachers rooting for me.