Tip Tuesday: Review and Align with all the Judging Criteria

How we score entries is not a secret! 

Don't wait until the last minute to review how your video will be scored. Knowing exactly what the judges are looking for can only help you, so check out the judging criteria now!  

Then before you submit your final video, make sure your entry follows the five guidelines below:
  1. Your video only contains your original ideas and work.   
  2. Your video does not have copyrighted or trademarked content. 
  3. Please make sure the title of your video is "3MYSC Submission- [Your Title]" 
  4. Your video is between 1-2 minutes in length. 
  5. Your video is uploaded to YouTube and published for public viewing and set to unlisted. Please note: Do not set your video to private. (See youtube.com/help for details.)

Don't stress if changes have to be made- it's better to catch them now than later. Just be sure to edit your video in time to submit your entry before May 7! Click below for some additional last minute tips from 2018 Winner, Rishab!