Tip Tuesday: Overcoming Roadblocks

Tips for Overcoming Roadblocks!   >

Writer's block doesn't just affect authors... it exists for scientists, too! Next time you're stuck, try out the tips below,  and you'll be back to working on your Young Scientist Challenge entry in no time. 

  • Get some fresh air: Whether you kick a ball around or just take a walk, getting outside and being active will help clear your head.  
  • Talk it through: Bounce your ideas off someone you trust and see what you can come up with together.    
  • Put it aside: Sometimes you just need a break. Put your work in a safe place and come back to it tomorrow!   
  • Learn from an expert: Click on the video below to hear 2018 Young Scientist Challenge Finalist Zach's advice to overcoming research roadblocks!

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