Tip Tuesday: How to Juggle School & YSC

Time management tips! one month left to enter!

Juggling school and your Young Scientist Project can be tricky...And as the deadline approaches, it's more important now than ever! Thankfully, we have a few easy suggestions that should make a big difference. 

Check-in to hear to how 2018 Young Scientist Challenge finalist Anna made time for her project last year. Then read through the tips below and give them a try! 

1. Write a checklist: What do you still have left to do? Break your project down into small manageable parts and write down each of them.

2. Make a timeline: Once you have your checklist, create a timeline. Work backwards from the May 7 deadline and decide when every item on your checklist needs to be finished in order to submit your entry on time.

3. Ask for support: Don't be afraid to ask your teachers, parents or other mentors for advice. They know you best and want you to succeed! 

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