Tip Tuesday: Need inspiration? Here's where to find it.

How Can You Improve Lives For The Future?

What inspires one scientist may not inspire another. For this reason, we're presenting you with three different ways to get inspired this Tuesday. Pick one that speaks to you, and then use it as motivation to keep working on your Young Scientist Challenge entry!

Inspiration #1: Our Top 10 Reasons to Participate list speaks for itself. Read ten favorite reasons to enter the Young Scientist Challenge!

Inspiration #2: Explore this year's Entry Topics. Your new innovation or idea should fall within at least one of these six categories.

Inspiration #3: Learn from the best. Listen as Krish, a 2018 Young Scientist Finalist, describes what motivated him to enter last year's Challenge!

Once you've found your inspiration, put it to good use and get to work on your entry video. There are just under two months until the deadline!

Follow us on Twitter @3M and @DiscoveryEd and tell us why you're inspired to enter the Young Scientist Challenge using #YoungScientist. Then remember to submit your entry before the May 7 deadline.